Bigfoot Basics

The Southern and Northern Illinois Bigfoot Society is a group of 6 trackers from Richland County, Illinois. They are Dylan Taylor:  founder of the group and Head of all operations, Nick Eckel: co-Founder and Leader of Tech Operations, Tony Kuhlig: Lead Tracker and Call Blaster, Joe "Wolf" Charlton:  Expedition Man and Interviewist, Dallas Martin: Multimedia Man (video, audio, and photographs), Tristan Atteberry: Strategist and tracking specialist. The "SNIBS" for short, runs it's hunt for bigfoot throughout Southern Illinois, Indiana, Western Kentucky, and Eastern Missouri. So far they haven't been able to catch a glimpse of the alleged bigfoot, but we will always keep looking.

Rob Patterson Bigfoot

This is the most famous photo ever to capture bigfoot on film, but SNIBS will soon find the true bigfoot in Southern Illinois

Photo taken by Roger Patterson October 20th, 1967