I have found out that lately local newspapers have been submitting more and more stories about bigfoot. Is this a coincidence or are there more people who might start to realize that these sightings aren't so fake? Your opinion hear


01/18/2010 13:32

dude this is great i didnt excpect 4 it to be this goood and i think we need to kill bigfoot lmao

01/19/2010 09:52

i didnt either but we don't need to kill him just catch him and show him he's real

01/27/2010 16:13

i swear i do not believe this.. but.. if he comes knocking on my door i will believe he is real.. other then that,nah.

02/03/2010 17:56

i would like to but im not gona pay $40 for one sry, but feel free to call the show at, 1-347-838-8088


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