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Night time sighting by two witnesses at trailhead in Shawnee National Forest

Report # 25362  (Class A)
Tuesday, January 27, 2009.


MONTH: January

DATE: 22

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Saline County

LOCATION DETAILS: the location is in the Shawnee National Forest.]



OBSERVED: I attended two BFRO Expeditions last year, the Oklahoma trip in September and the Missouri Ozarks trip in November. After those trips I wanted to try to locate some sasquatches in my area. There is a national forest close by where I live, and we've been hiking & camping there my whole life. But we never thought about sasquatches possibly being in there. Since those expeditions we of course began to think about that. Me & my Dad have been scouting out this one area for a while now, with Harold Benny (BFRO Investigator) and on our own a few times. It is heavily wooded and has lots of ridges & valleys, and plenty of water sources too. Tons of deer. Just seemed like an ideal spot.

This was only our second time there at night. We went up the trail into some pines and built a fire and cooked some bacon and just talked. We stayed there for about 2 hours, and did two knocks. We weren't hearing anything, and the wind started to pick up....we were on a big hill. So we decided to pack up and head back down the trail, maybe try another spot or just go on home. We both had to work the next day.

By now it was dark, with a cloudy sky and some stars, so we had our headlamps on. Mine was green and his was red. About halfway down we stopped in the pines and he did three whoops just to see what would happen. As soon as we came off the hill it became still, so we could hear much better. We didn't hear anything after the whoops except coyotes. I thought I heard a long whoop kind of start off the coyote chorus but I wasn't sure. So we kept heading down the trail.

I was leading the way, and we were about 80 ft from the trailhead/parking lot. My truck's headlights were reflecting in my light. I was not expecting to see or hear anything, and just focused on watching where I was walking. Then Dad whispered, "Rachel, come back here....there he is". He had stopped and was looking into the trees to our left. I turned around and went back to him. I actually thought he was talking about a coyote because we'd seen a bunch in that same spot going in. I looked to where he was looking and saw EYES. Big round eyes. They were shining white-ish green. Then Dad whispers, "Turn your light off", and before I did we saw the head turn, he looked ahead then looked back at us. We both had our lights on him, and we could actually see the outline of his head when he turned. It was rounded like a persons, and I could see how the eyes were positioned on the front of the face. That's when it registered for me that it was in fact a sasquatch. This is all happening in a few seconds.

As we flipped our lights off, he started to walk. I believe I took a step back and said "Whoa" because he was close. He was about 30-40 feet from us. He took some big heavy deliberate steps, about 6 or 7, moving down the hill. Then he stopped. Dad said, "Should I whoop at him...?" I said NO!! I really didn't want to spook/annoy/provoke him! He didn't seem very afraid of us though, or especially bothered by our shining lights in his face. So we just stood there for a couple of minutes and I talked to him softly, and whistled. As soon as I started talking he moved, then was still again.

My heart was just pounding. I could not believe it. It felt like he was waiting to see what we were going to do. So we left quietly.

What surprised me was how close we were to the trail head parking lot, and also that he was right there and not making a sound! If my Dad hadn't looked around at that moment we never
would have known he was there. They are so stealthy & smart. I do think he might have been on his way up to check us out. The wind was blowing his way, so I'm sure he smelled the bacon.

I shined my light over the truck when we got home, and it had marks on it, that we are positive were not there earlier in the day. I took pictures. They look like finger swipes in the dust. I can't say for certain what made them, but they are weird.

We are both very excited! This was our first definite bigfoot experience in our own state.

ALSO NOTICED: Afterward, when we were talking about what we saw, my Dad said he was seeing big red eyes. I saw big white-ish green eyes, but we were shining different colored headlamps on it, and standing next to each other. The eyes looked different to each of us.

OTHER WITNESSES: Two, me and my Dad. We were walking back to the trailhead.

OTHER STORIES: I think I've read a couple of BFRO reports from this county and surrounding ones.


Cloudy sky with some stars, it was pretty dark. About 35 degrees.

ENVIRONMENT: Some Pines, with other trees mixed in. We were coming down a ridge. There are deep valleys on either side, and rock formations. There are also caves in the area.

Possible daylight sighting by motorist on Illinois Route 4 outside Hamel

YEAR: 2009

SEASON: Winter

MONTH: December

DATE: 18

STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Madison County

LOCATION DETAILS: A few miles south of the intersection of Interstate 55 and Illinois Route 4. Heavily forested area.


NEAREST ROAD: Illinois Route 4

OBSERVED: I was going North on Illinois Route 4, and while passing through a wooded area on my left, I spotted a large, bulky upright figure. Because I was driving, I was only able to get a second or two view of whatever the figure may have been. It was an orange color, which is why it stood out to me in the first place.


OTHER WITNESSES: None besides me, though the person in the car behind me might have seen it.


TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was an overcast, around 1:00 in the afternoon.

ENVIRONMENT: Forest, seemed like there was a lot of water in the area. Lots of ice around on the forest floor.

Follow-up investigation report by BFRO Investigator Stan Courtney:

I spoke with the witness by phone. I visited the site the next day and again several days later. I was unable to find any footprints or other evidence.

- The animal was standing about 50 feet from the roadway. 
- The animal was between 8 and 8 1/2 feet tall.
- The animal was very thick and broad. 
- Shoulder width was between 3 and 3 1/2 feet. 
- The witness was unable to see the face.
- The fur was orangish, reminiscent of an orangutan's color. 
- The witness did not stop because the right-of-way is not sufficient for safe parking. 

Mushroom hunters find series of large footprints near Ste. Marie

Report # 10879  (Class B)
Tuesday, March 08, 2005.




STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Jasper County

LOCATION DETAILS: Longitude-87.97622 Lattitude-38.94564


NEAREST ROAD: Not sure. Its all rural roads.

OBSERVED: Around five years ago me and a buddy were mushroom hunting and came across about ten feet prints walking down a almost dried creek. The creek went from water to a muddy spot about 15'(?) long and then back to water. It looked like they walked out of the water into the mud making the prints then back into the water on the other side. The feet prints were from bare feet as the toe and heel impression were very reconizable. They were about the size of my size twelve shoe and had a longer leg stance then me (i'm about 5'10"). They went east straight down the creek/ditch heading towards the Embarrass River which is about 1/8 mile away from the prints.

There shouldn't have been anyone walking barefoot down a creek down in the bottoms so that's what really got our attention. There are no houses within miles and there are no campgrounds or any reason anyone other then farmers or hunters to be down there and I just can't conceive any of them not wearing boots and not to mention walking down a creek with water in it. We were going to get pictures but didn't get to it in time because it ended up raining a few days later.

OTHER WITNESSES: 2, mushroom hunting.

OTHER STORIES: Yes, I have heard of several incidents of sightings around the Ste. Marie area. Don't know to many details but will ask around and try to find out.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: It was probaly around 10 in the morning and nice out since we were mushroom hunting at the time.

ENVIRONMENT: A treeline with a creek/ditch in the middle near the river with fields all around.

Possible sighting, wood knocks and vocalizations west of Girard

Report # 25273  (Class A)
Monday, January 05, 2009. Possible sighting, wood knocks and vocalizations west of Girard


MONTH: November


STATE: Illinois

COUNTY: Macoupin County



OBSERVED: I recently moved out of my house in Girard, IL. During the last year or so I have experienced several strange occurrences. I have never actually seen anything except once a large dark shape moving bipedally through the heavy fog. I have heard the sound of something drumming on tree trunks. The sound of something BIG walking in the woods, on 2 legs. I have found chunks of firewood thrown from my wood pile. And on November 25 of 2008, as I was packing to move I heard a moaning howl very close to the house. I have hunted for 20 years and I have NEVER heard the likes of this.

I stopped loading the vehicle, loaded my .45 and locked the door. I did the rest of my packing the next two nights armed but as before I had the distinct feeling I was being watched and several times large branches were broken, and there was knocking on trees.

Also there is an area of the woods where the grass and foliage is crushed down. This could be deer, but since these things have started occurring, the deer , who are usually thick as fleas have been gone.

OTHER WITNESSES: Several people have heard the knocking. I was alone when the howl occurred.

TIME AND CONDITIONS: Mostly at night.

ENVIRONMENT: Forested area on a hill. Mix of hardwood and pine. Creek runs through the back of property. Surrounding area is a mix of farm land and woods.