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dylan hodges
11/29/2009 23:32:32

I do believe that bigfoot is real and i'm surprised you have a website about him dylan t.

11/29/2009 23:35:37

thx alot, be sure to check every month for blog updates and newest news

11/30/2009 07:12:42

I can't believe your not taking me with you guys or anything. I could be the tech dude. :P

Dylan Taylor Founder of SNIBS
11/30/2009 07:15:21

I can but you would have to get your tech stuff and pay your way for the trip at $375 a piece

Leighanna (Pheo) Miller
1/4/2010 06:25:45

yo guyz, i honestly dont kno if BF exists or not, but i think y'all should expand your search areas, the most sightings hav been in the north western parts of th USA, jus a lil headz up


well no dip, but we are called Southern and Northern Illinois Bigfoot Society because we only do Illinois until we expand to be really big with like 20 members, then we will go out to western america. so just hold on and we will be the first ever to find him. trust me

11/3/2010 01:23:22

Never get discouraged, just be patient and above all..respectful of these beings when in their area. Let them come to you -vs- trying to yell and threaten them into a response. With game cameras, your very first attempt has to count for you get no second chance. If they have seen a game camera before somewhere else then you will not even get a second chance. These beings have a language and a culture..they are a people, not mere ape. Understand this and you will learn how to have an encounter. My main research areas are Northern Illinois and Southern Oklahoma. You will see one if you keep at it. When camping the sooner you get in the tents and get quiet, the sooner they come check you out.

Dylan Taylor Founder
11/3/2010 06:35:02

Thanks Huff that will help out alot for next summers trip to shawnee. Also i would be great to meet your group sometime on a expadition out west.

11/3/2010 13:02:51

Tell your folks you want to vacation at the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, Oklahoma and we will show you what we do. Don't judge the area by how small it is, this park is surrounded by thousands of acres of huge ranches. The Bigfoot move in and out of the different areas and we have had some great encounters there. Thanks for checking out the site. I'm always glad to share what little I know.

7/14/2012 17:12:48

I stumbled upon your website, and I think it is wonderful! keep up the good work, cuties!


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